MPC Keygroups // Boys Choir

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MPC keygroup instruments of a boys choir (Or samples of one young singer).

Samples are of unknown origin, they were on the MPC 1000 when I bought it.

Included are the 12 original samples and 3 keygroups, one at original pitch, one an octave lower, and one shifted 5 keys lower, and the samples pitched down to match.

Stack them to get wild, they all rely on the same samples, so loading multiple won't hurt your ram. 

Installation is easy, unzip then move to your MPC via a flash drive, connection to a PC, or an SD card. 
Will work the same on MPC live, live 2, one, x, and akai force.

If you don't have a compatible MPC (or Akai Force), the samples are in there, you can load them into whatever you want. 

  • 12 samples, 3 keygroups, angelic ahh's

  • Size
    11.2 MB
  • 12 samples, 3 keygroups, angelic ahh's
  • Size11.2 MB


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MPC Keygroups // Boys Choir

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